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feeling very sad

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There is a guy who i really like as i got to know him more. I really fell for him and genuinly like the person he is. i can see all the great things about him as well as the bad and i just really like him as a person. however, he seemed to loose all interest in me and no longer contact me. I really dont know what happened it just really hurts me alot because he says he doesnt have time for girls but at first he did used to contact me but not anymore. and i dont understand how he could care so little about me to not contact me again. that is what really hurts. I get very attached to guys and i can't stop feeling sad about how i don't mean anything to him. I guess only time will heal this wound i guess i just wanted to share my experience. any wise or positve words are greatly appreciated. ](*,)

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This has happened to me SEVERAL times. So I know how you feel.

Guys have completely ignored me outta nowhere without a reason.

Atleast he said something to you. But I know that still doesn't help.

It's his loss. Some other guy will find you as a great person to end up with.

If he didn't realize that, that's just too bad for him.


I am finally with someone who is WONDERFUL to me.

I look back in the past and realize that I am somewhat grateful for it... for all the pain I've been through.

Things happen for a reason.

You experience things. You learn from it.

Sometimes you need that pain... that torture... to realize how great the one is when he comes into your life.

He will come.

Don't you worry.

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