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To have a love as strong as your first?

My ex broke up with me a little over 7 months ago. I have had a girlfriend since then but did not fall in love with her at all. I was wondering can you actually fall in a deep love like you did the first time, or it hopeless. Thanks in advance!

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yes i believe so you can......i think you were not ready with that second girl. i feel you should first try being happy with what you do first, try being single for a while get your feelings back to normal, it may take a while to get over with your ex. It happens when it happens...but it will.

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how long beec?


Between the only two women who ever felt really right? Only about 14 years. I dated some great women in between, loved some of them, and regretted not making a move on a few others, two in particular. But I think that most of the 14 years was me not being ready to be that committed.

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