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what are the main common things that make


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problem: people who arent honest or taint the truth..

solution: try not to lie, even if you believe your doing it to help others around you (lies great or small! trust me, its not worth it). sometimes the solution may be difficult, dont dig yourself into a hole that you wont be able to get out of later. Think through an issue that you might find hard to tell someone, before actually telling them (or even deciding to tell them). Dont go for loop holes.


Loop holes are like the word FREE - there is always a catch!!

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The relationship being out of balance - i.e. one partner putting in or taking out more than the other.


No negotiation or compromise.


Lack if intimacy - emotional or sexual


Lack of communication.


Lack of respect or esteem for your partner or for yourself.


Infidelity - physical or emotional.


Disagreement on how to raise children.

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Their will always be some kind of a problem in a relationship. The big myth in life seems to be a problem free relationship. It isn't about the relationship, but the two people in it.


With experience, knowledge and self awareness, your chances of a less problematic realtionship increase greatly.


As DN listed, these things can and may happen. But if you learn through expereince, and knowing yourself, and you partner knowing themselves, then a soultion is more likely to be implemented.

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Another question: How come women use the "complications" issue as a defense tactic if a male friend wants to pursue a romantic relationship with her? While it's true that friends turn into lovers, there is a lot situations where the woman feels that love will "harm the friendship".


This was told me to recently by a girl I like. And this was after we spent Saturday evening walking in a park, (something she could've done with her "special someone") after a long bike trip a week ago, (again, something she could've done with her date) and after several movie dates that were followed by a dinner at Pasta Pomodoro or hanging out a coffee shop for more than an hour.


In my defense I basically told her that the "friendship" is at the core of many successful relationships. I would never harm that, nor would I lose interest, cheat, lie, or anything else harmful. She knows that I'm a trustworthy man. Told me that I'm handsome. She knows that I can be really thoughtful, like playing her music in the car whenever we go someplace. And she knows that I have a life of my own. She's invited me to certain things and I told her "can't make it." In her eyes I'm not a push-over. Recently on our walk around Central I put my arm on her shoulder and she didn't flinch. She gave me this really long hug after she told me that she wasn't into a relationship with me. It's weird, because any other female friend would say "let's be friends" and would never hug me or spend time with me more than an hour.


With this girl, I feel that I'm almost there and that there is something about me that prevents from having a relationship with her. I also believe that she doesn't have a boyfriend because whenever we go out on social excursions with me, her and her friends she doesn't bring "him" along.

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