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I'm just mentally unstable


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Right now i'm in a hard relationship. I feel like a loser for letting myself be walked on. Here's the story



Well, the last day of school for us was June 7th 2006 and I saw her hug a guy. A guy i literally hate. I was really shocked. So when we both got home, I called her and said, Have you ever cheated on me? She said no and I said oh ok. So a couple days later I called her and confronted her with her screwup and she lied to me and said she never did anything. Later she admited it when I said I saw her. She also talked to the guy for a month straight on yahoo when she said she wanted nothing to do with her. She lied to me about that for a month straight. We had a big fight about it and she swore she wouldn't do anything with another guy like that again.


( well she broke a promiss and did it again )Next thing I found out that she liked this other guy jaked. She claimned and told me she never liked him. She said she was only thinking of the good times they both had ( her ex ). She also gave him her phone number. We had a big fight about it and she swore she wouldn't do anything with another guy like that again.


( well she did it again.. sadly ) She always go up to a guy named chris at her church and hugs him all the time. Because it's obvious she liked him. Every day for about 3 months she came home from church and told me she never huged him. But I finally found out it was a lie.We had a big fight about it and she swore she wouldn't do anything with another guy like that again.


( lol she just keeps doing it ).. she went to a church camp and told me for that week that she didn't hug a guy or even talk to a guy. Well she kept that info away for me for about a month. She huged a guy named Russel and she told me she thought he was hot. We had a big fight about it and she swore she wouldn't do anything with another guy like that again.



NOW it's been 3 weeks . She told me she'd never do anything again. She even swore on the bible. She's said the same exact sorry's as she did before. She's even cried over me. She's cried sooooo much. I've broken up with her twice in 3 weeks to teach her not to with me and not walk all over me again. She told me she understands and she wont do it again. Now tonight I just got into a fight with her and told her we're gonna have to talk about this in person this weekend.


Now based on all this, what do u think I should do? It's so hard to break up with her and stay commited to that decision. I'm all out of ideas...


PS: my best friend josh picked on me about it. He says that ever since i've been dateing this girl, i've gotten more soft.

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Okay, how many times did she do this to you? 3? 4? That's ridiculous and low of her to do that. I have a great friend of mine that got the same thing done to him. He gave her 2 chances and cut off all kinds of communication with her. Deleted her number, screen name, etc. Maybe that's what you should do? or talk to her face to face (sit down) and see what goes from there. Good luck!

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In my opinion this relationship is never going to work.


She seems like a girl that's been brought up in a family that hugs everyone. Because she does this it gives you insecurities about the relationship.


It sounds to me like you're trying to manipulate her to do what you want. Relationships are about give and take, plus trust and understanding. Where are these values in your relationship? As far as I can see there aren't any.


You were out of order making her swear on the Bible that she won't do it again. Nobody has the right to make a person do that.

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I never made her swear on the bible. She did that on her own free will... I never even mentioned it to her...

When did I ever try to manipulate the relationship? I'm over here trying to get this to work. I just don't know what to do. Every time I try to break up with her, she cuts herself and threatens to kill herself.

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She doesn't sound a very stable person to me if she threatens to cut herself or threaten to kill herself everytime you try to break up with her.


I suggest you go around and talk to her parents and make them aware of what she says. She needs a counsellor or psychiatric help. Tell them you do care about her but you can't keep going on like this.


Good luck and take care.

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