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Weight loss and Pouchy skin...

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I've been losing weight at a relatively slow pace, about 8kg or 10kg (16 - 20 pounds?) over the last five or six weeks, it's noticeable but slower than I have patience for, and I'm thinking about taking it up a notch. But I'm worried to lost weight faster, why?


Because it seems every news show has the: "This person lost 30/40/50kg by working out 5 hours a day, but now look at them!", and they look great until you see them, and they have pouches of loose skin and flab, correctable only by plastic surgery(sp).


I currently weigh just over 105kg (very little of it muscle), I have a height of 190cm, I'm probably going to try and lose another 10 or 15kg, but is there any way I can avoid getting these pouches of flab? Any special exercise? Any special diet? Anything?!


Thanks in advance =)

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Byates, I'm a child of the Metric system, I don't know what a lbs is, let alone how to convert one to something I'd understand =P But thanks for the post and the link.


CarterJonas, thanks to you as well, but I have no luck sticking to programs, I have to work on my own schedule, or I end up getting fed up with the progress =)


I will check out that bodybuilding forum though, thanks both ^_^

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