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i think this is the correct forum if not i apologize.

ok well i am slowly realizing one of my friends is a bad or good influence. ok well me and my buddy have been hanging out alot more recently and here are some pros and cons.



1.my mind for the most part has stayed off of SI

2.Ive been generally happy(in large part due to my angel)

3.he agrees with my morals and respects my choices for the most part

4.he wants to get an apartment with me, so i dont have to live with an abusive father.


1.we've been smoking more pot than normal.

2.he's got me smoking cigarrettes again(i told him i smoked but havent in a while and he wouldnt leave me alone until he saw me smoke a whole cigarette.)

3.we have a blast together but spent both our paychecks in a 12 hour period.

4.Hes essentially homeless at the moment. he moved here to be with a girl and she kicked him out and now he has no where to go really


i dont know i think the good out weighs the bad but i am unsure hince why i posted i need your oppinions?



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The pot and smokes probably aren't a good thing... But there's nothing wrong with that crazy friend you have a great time with and do stupid things with, as long as it's at appropriate times =P


And if I remember some of your older posts, getting out of the house sounds like a priority... =)

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Sounds like you're having lots of fun, which is always a good thing. However, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.


He obviously cares about you if he wants to get an apartment. The real test will be if he'll follow through.


I agree with sumguy, there's a time and a place for craziness!

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your only 17 years old. you shouldnt be smoking ciggs and pot. its not very responsible. Oviously your having a problem with this person or you wouldnt have posted here.

Do what you think is right for your future. i dont think it will be good for you to hang around this kid. its in the end its up to you

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