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Is this wierd or am I just wierd?

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There is this girl who just started working where I work. She sat with me at lunch one day and we had a pretty interesting conversation. One dau she saw mw walking (I woalk to work) and offered me a ride.


She is absolutely miserable because her husband left her recently. She was complaining about not having anywhere to go on one Saturday night. Well that Saturday my parents were having a party. So I invited her.


Ever since the party... Every morning when I levae out of my house to go to work she i s either parked in front of the house or accross the street waiting to give me a ride. My walk to work is the only excercise I get, and I enjoy it. Where I live is not on her waqy either. So I don't feel right turning her down. SHe called me three nights in a row last week asking me to go swimming with her (at my parents house). I don't live with my parents, so I find it kind of strange that she would just invite herself to my parents house for the evening, and expect me to invite myself there.


I told her no all three nights because I was doing other things. One night I was going to a coffee shop to meet a friend of mine. I told her that's where I was going, and she showed up there.


At work she insists on working beside me every day. When I go out for break she follows me. Sometimes I just like to sit by myself on break, but she is always right behind me. I gave her my cell number in case she couldn't find my parents' house, and now she is starting to call more frequently.


So, is this weird or am I weird. Am I just not used to people warming up to me this quick. She is also about 20 years older then I am. Usually people that age are scared of me.


PLease tell me what you think...



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Uhm... no brainer here. She likes you, and shes miserable because of her split with her man. So that means she really likes you.


If you enjoy hanging out with her, then just go with it. If anything more than friendship occurs... just be careful as you are rebound guy at that point.


If you are worried about not getting your excersise ask her to ditch her car at your place and walk with ya. Sounds like she may be a bit clingy, but after just splitting from her man maybe she just needs a friend... so if shes coming on a bit strong tell her so, but tell her that you enjoy her friendship as well.

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Luka, are you a female?


Anyway, She's probably not used to being single and doesn't have a lot of single friends to hang out with.


It is weird to an extent, but also not weird. For instance, she may show up at your house thinking she's being friendly offering to carpool you. If you didn't want a ride it's actually your own responsibility to verbalize that to her. She can't read your mind.


Sounds like she is being pretty clingy, but you're going to have to start telling her straight out that you have other interest, maybe try introducing her to some other people you know (you know other people, right?). Maybe you even know other women in similar situations who are looking for friends to go out with.

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Yes, I am female, and I'm actually not single.


Why has this thread been moved to attraction and flirting? I'm not gay.


Right--I wasn't saying that you were single. I was referring to her being single. You mentioned that she was newly divorced and she wasn't handling it well, so obviously I was talking about her needing to be around other single women.


Again...Do you know other single women (other meaning: other than her)? If so, introduce her to them. Problem solved.

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