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Dealing With Competition

Lady Bugg

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Stop paying attention to them. By showing them it does not bother you, and you will be fine without them in your life may perk their interest.


If this is the guy from a previous post whose involved with another whose head over heels for him, and he is indifferent, maybe he isn't worth persuing. What if he is like this with women who have a deeper interest in him all of the time??


Just posing the question....

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That immediately takes my level of interest to the negative level. Especially because you mentioned they are together on a 'sexual level.' I assume that's a FWB type thing...not good. If that's the case, he probably won't want a real, loving relationship the way you deserve. He just wants someone to 'love n leave.'

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Lady bugg

I know exactly what you are saying, as I am going thru the exact same thing right now. I like this woman, and I found out last week, that she is seeing someone, and Im pretty sure its sexual in nature. But when I found out, there were 2 scenarios I could choose: 1) say the hell with this, there is more out there or 2) I have been acting like, hey thats cool, he isnt here now, & ill be your friend and in doing so, I think I still have a chance....

Now the kicker, I am very attracted to her, so its not like someone where I can say oh well, your loss, etc.... the more I learn about her, the more I like


This sounds just like what you are trying to decide, and I think you have 2 choices:

1) cut your losses move on

2) dont let it bother you, be friends, and maybe it will happen for you

(just dont let it be as a rebound or whatever, but on your terms)


Good luck with this...

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