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Have a feeling she wants to get back, dunno if I should ask

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Dunno if you have read my post about my breakup here or not but now I need some advice.


I have a really strong feeling that my ex wants to get back but is afraid because she is either too shy/embarrassed/stubborn etc. to say the words because I know how she is and she is very stubborn and will not swallow her pride.


From my last conversation face to face with my ex, it seems to me that she might have wanted to get back but thens he told me she saw how I've moved on fairly well so she figured she might as well move on too.


Sometimes when I'm alone i think about it and I just want to call her or meet up with he and tell her "Baby I still love you, and if you want to get back then I do too."

A part of me tells me that sounds desperate and pathetic but then another part of me says 'If you love someone enough you will do anything so just who cares about looking desperate or having pride, you just have to swallow your pride and do what your heart tells you to do if you want to be with the one you love because what if you let her go now, theres no more chances."


You know how its like in movies or stories you hear from other people where at first the girl rejects the guy, but he keeps chasing after her again and again and again until eventually they get married. I know this isn't the movies but who's to say what are the rules in love?


I'm just confused to what to do now.

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