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Hey My Friend Needs Help

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Hey lol ok this might sound weird but my friend asked me today on howw to talk dirty to his girlfriend. lol and my friend actually did say this cause 1. he's a guy and i'm a girl and 2. he's got a grilfriend lol. Ok so what do I tell him? I mean he came to me cause I'm the most "out there" one of the group and he knows he can trust me. I know what I would wanna here...but what do I tell him? Please help..if there's any other forums that may help please refer allso.

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- Start small and work up to it. "You're sexy" "You're so hot." "I want to kiss you here." etc


- Watch porn or read erotica for ideas what to say


- Does he NEED to talk dirty? I myself find talking in bed distracting. Just noises please!

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It depends on the situation.


If they are all lovey-dovey, and sweet like, then dirty talk isn't really appropriate.


If it's hot and heavy, hardcore banging, then have him start by talking about her body like "Oh you have such a hot word for butt: or "Damn, your know what is so wet."


If that is too much, he can start with stuff like "You drive me crazy" or "Your body is insane."


It just takes confidence.

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