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I just broke up with my girlfriend...


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hey... really all I need right now is to vent.

I'm pretty shocked right now. I think that's the word that hits my emotions right now. I'm kind of angry and a little sad also. but I think shocked sums it up perfectly.


me and my girlfriend have had a very good relationship (I'll admit to that..) and we hardly ever faught. recently I had to go to europe for a month and the distance made things hard. we started doubting each other and were fighting more often. We wouldn't talk for a few days on end, or only with limited contact. we then talked and she said she needed a break. so i gave her space and when i got back I went to see her because we decided to talk things through in person when I got back. I tried talking to her but she'd avoid the situation and be childish by poking me etc. I just couldn't get her to tell me how she felt. Eventually, I am sad to say we ended up kissing, making out and having sex. Things seemed alright.

I found out today that that day she wrote a note to a friend at work telling him she doesn't know what's happening and she doesn't know where to point her finger at. she explained the situation to him and said she was angry at herself for letting it come to what happened. I was stupid enough to think things were alright again. She also mentioned to her friend that she couldn't have possibly told me she wanted to break up the next morning after what happened the night before. I would have rather have her do that. Instead I went home thinking things were alright. but no, things just starting over. She'd ignore. she even blocked me on her messenger. So i texted her and said;

'you're just crazy steph. you ignore me again and . you block me on messenger. snap out of it damnit. I regret the way sunday went. I knew you'd avoid talking. i shouldn't have let you. this is just stupid. i'm not even going to make an effort trying to talk to you anymore. you just waste my time. don't talk to me anymore *not like you have been but you know* have a good summer.. bye"

and that was it. I haven't heard back from her and I don't want to either. I probably will though. I just pray that I don't get weak and give in to her crap.


as i said, it's tough to me, I really really enjoyed the relationship we had, but I feel that this is the way to go. when we talked and she said she might need a break she mentioned maybe getting back together at school. I've thought about that since I sent her the message. i will not wait for her, I'll live her life. we'll see what happens.


anyways, if you have anything to say, I'd appreciate it. thanks for reading!

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She was being pretty immature. But I agree with teddybear. I think it has a lot to do with your lack of communication as a couple. I mean, obviously there was a lack, or else she wouldn't have been ignoring you.


And obviously you couldn't control the way she was acting. But your text message was harsh, you have to admit that. So, I almost don't think that you will be hearing back from her.


But anyways, you did what you did. And you felt it was the right thing, and now it's over. It's probably for the better.

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YouI agree that you should just move on with your life for now, you know you ahve enjoyed the relationship and it had it be this way or would have gotten worse. See what happens man, just live your own life for now.

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