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time management?

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anyone got any good time management tips? I seem to have taken on way too much (according to my husband) and am not really fulfilling any of my obligations fully because of the stress and well, not enough hours in the day. I am working on creating boundries for my activities, and also making sure top priorities get top attention.


anything else I can do? I can't really cut much, I just need to figure out how to keep balance and still have time for the fun stuff.

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You have to figure out what is important to be done, what things you cannot shift around, and adopt a routine of sorts.


For example for me, it is important I fit in my training, not only for my health and fitness - but it makes me MORE able to deal with stress and to better focus when I need to focus. So, I just get that done early morning before the day gets started so that nothing else can interfere with it. Of course for me that is also fun...and me time that helps me deal with everything else that gets thrown my way


I then make other priorities like my family/friends/relationship which I will then work around, or maybe shift less important things in order to be able to spend time with them (ie I rarely log on to computer on weekends for example as I prefer to maximize that family/relationship time). If I want to spend the weekend away with my partner, I just make sure to organize the week and get all the things that need to get done before then - like the household chores, and errands.


If I am studying etc, I make sure to make that time productive. I may only have an hour or two, but I will make sure to maximize the time, and not spend 4 hours on it but be going back and forth and making phone calls, or checking email at the same time...


It's all about making a schedule that works for you, concentrating on each thing in that timeframe and making sure your priorities are in order! And knowing when your plate is already full. For example, I used to have a race EVERY weekend and often 2x a week but I found I just did not have TIME for the rest of life too and it was stressing me out. Sure, it would be great to race every weekend as I used too, but I for my own health and sanity at this time in my life have to be very careful about how much I take on. And I actually feel better and look more forward to the races I choose to do more infrequently instead. They are more pleasurable then stressful.

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