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Hello, I just want some feedback for my situation, which I've decided to run away from.


I had a really close friend for over a year now, who used to be friends with my ex girlfriend. After me and my ex gf broke up, we became closer. Hanging out a lot more.. Well, I moved to Ohio for 4 months and just recently came back. She had, or still has a boyfriends, they both drive me crazy with their fight, and I felt the only thing that was keeping the relationship together was me. Well... one night, I was drinking and I crashed over at her house... and I told her I had feelings for her... A few days after that... when she broke up with her boyfriend who I hung out with only because it was her boyfriend, I got sexually involved with her. We made out, kissed... and well, a little bit of foreplay was involved also. Well she tried to play me by saying it was over... but then I heard she was hanging around him again. So I was like ok, maybe its best for us to just be friends, without the benefits. But it didnt work.... I developed feelings for her... and last night... they were making out in front of me.... I left and I said, have a nice life... Well now her BF or whatever knows about it, and hates me, but I dont care... I was sick of dealing with the whole situation. I woke up this morning and she said she has left some stuff in my car... but I didn't respond to the text message....


What do you people think of this situation? And am I doing the right thing?

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