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i need some romantic ideas.

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i havent posted here in a while. and i needed a little help.

So, one of my great guy friends is coming home soon from basic training for the marines, we had a little thing going on between us. but it wasnt the right time to start a romantic fling since we were great friends. but we have great chemistry, and he told me how he felt in a letter he wrote me while he was away and i told him how much i really liked him also.

So the thing is hes coming home in a few weeks and he told me he wants to spend time with me.

i need some good romantic ideas to show him how much i care without seeming eger or trying to hard.

i want to do something cute for him to congrad. him on his acomplishments in the marines.

im open to anything.

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Well, in NYC (I'm there) there are lots of things to do, and many might not fit. It's easy to be fun, it's not hard to be romantic, but being fun with a chance for romance, that's harder.


However, he's a guy who wants you somewhat already. Do something that could be fun for you to do together and which leaves a chance for physical contact. You could do something as simple as shoot pool with him over drinks. If you stink, then he can teach you, which gives him a chance to put his arms around you. If you are good, then you can compete, which is usually HOT. Anything like that, bowl, whatever. You're the woman, so don't make it romantic, until after he busts a move. I would have loved it if a woman took me to dinner, need not be expensive, then we went bowling or shot pool.


Once he busts a move, let him take charge for a short while. The you take charge again, if you want to make it romantic. Maybe cook for him. It works for me, everytime I ever first cooked for a woman.

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