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She did Wrong to but somehow im worse?? Plz Help

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I been with my girlfriend for 2 years and 2 months. The First Year was absolute perfect and i loved every minute of it. I am Truly in love with this girl. The first year she lied about how many people she had sex with , friends she had who later she told me she had sex with them who she still talked too also she was talking to her ex boyfriend for a whole year after i begged her and cried about not talking to him, well she still was and it was hurting me bad. Saying all that it was still great and i forgave her everytime i found out.



Well this past October i got real close with a friend i met at my job and she found out about it saying i cheated and all this stuff. Even though we were real close i swear i never had sex with her. Now everyday she crying in her room , throws it in my face , start agruments , just is not the way she used to be.I think this situation changed her but we all make mistakes. Everytime i talk to her she just yells and yells and is so disruptive towards me.


Is it fair that i sitck around when we both misktakes and i get the 3rd degree or is it my fault that she is acting like this.

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You're question seems to imply that women should follow some system of logic. If you think so, maybe you should change your thinking. Women, most women but not all, do things based on how they feel, and logic will not change that or how they feel.

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double standard.


Tell her that she now sees how you felt all that time talking to her ex.


You can now continue on your relationship without the excess baggage of friends of the opposite sex until you can work this out.


Or if she keeps treating you like crap. find a new girl

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