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Met a girl 2 weeks ago.. need help


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Hi all. Its been awhile since my last post, and I love the advice I get on here, so Im back for a spell. Ok, my not so average situation. I met a girl a couple weeks ago. She is a bartender where we were at one nite (I am an ex-bartender also). I had been in before and we had eye to eye before, but never talked until recently. We got each others name, etc...

So the last 2 Saturdays, I have gone in kinda late, when the bar crowd has slowed down, and sat and talked with her. My buddy who was there the first Saturday nite, even saw how well we clicked and laughed all nite together. The last 2 times I have been in, she has said that she is not like herself... I would like to think its because I bring out the best in people, as I am pretty outgoing, and like I said, we do have fun.... So I was gonna ask her out this past Saturday, but then the guy sitting next to me (didnt know him at all) & I started talking, and he told me he over heard her on the phone before I got there that she didnt get home until 330 that afternoon, and she had to be at work at 4. She had been out all nite, and something about the L word...


So, when she came back over to us, he asked her about it, and she said yep she still had her same makeup on from the nite before, and that whoever she was with kept using the L word way too much, which she didnt care for.... Well, she is very pretty, so I guess I should have known she would have a boyfriend, and I am ok with that.... I did feel a slight jealousy in me, which kinda tells me, i really like this girl alot.... but now it has got me thinking that maybe she was not like herself because she is seeing someone else, I dont know....


But my question to all on here, should I continue to pursue her, as a little competition is good, and I am really not looking to be exclusive or anything... or do I drop out of site for awhile, or I have even thought of taking another girl there?? Anyone got any thoughts on my situation?? Has anyone ever been thru something similar??

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Basic rule: if she has a boyfriend - back off.


ok DN, its not the response I was looking for, but I guess you are right, I need to not pursue her........ I will still go there and see her, as I think we are becoming good friends, and i will leave it at that for awhile.

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Ok, I need alot of advice here today guys, cause i am about to take a dive of the deep end tonite!! ok, this weekend, i saw my favorite bartender. I brought her a little gift, that just made her nite (it was just something to snack on I knew she really liked) and she was thrilled. Something happened that nite with someone getting sick, etc... so we really couldnt spend alot of time talking, and she made sure she told me she is real sorry she couldnt spend more time with me....


ok, the first time i had talked with her, i told her about an upcoming concert coming to town, and she said that band was the first concert she had ever been to. so then i said well, if i get front row tixs, you going with, and she was like hell ya!! so nothing had really been said about it until saturday nite. she asked me how tickets were coming (which arent onsale for another couple weeks) and she goes cause I will have to arrange getting the nite off from work!!!


ok according to this info, do i dare ask her out in the meantime?? I havent really dated in several months, so i really dont want to screw things up....

part of me thinks its a go, the other part of me thinks she likes me bacause she gets hit on constantly, I have never asked her out, or hit on her per se!!

Need some good advice guys.........

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