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"So High"

Trough Lolly

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had a bit of a weird night last night and it got my mind swirling about so i gave my first ever poem a try...




emotions so high,

so yearning love...., couldnt bare but to cry..

always thought this could never be,

thoughts like I wanted to die..


then one day,

seemed my wish just may..

just may come true, true as can be

met a girl, my hopes obscure within just grew.


emotions so high,

the future looked bright..

always dreamed things would turn out this way,

never oh never was my heart so tight.


at first, i was scared...sometimes frightened,

scared i would lose you, you who enlightened..

made me happy, so cheerful with joy,

your the reason my heart has heightened.


emotions set free, blissful future i strove

feeling at rest, my heart now grows,

grows so strong, so fond of you..

so fond of you... the one i now love.

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