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Didn't realise a Poetry forum existed.


Here's what I wrote for my ex the day she decided we should break up.


I'm sorry it has come to this,

I'm sorry that it's over.

You were the greatest thing in my world,

My friend, my soul mate and my lover.


From 2001 you've been my life,

We've had good times and some bad.

I really thought you'd become my wife,

And with you I'd become a Dad.


I care about you more than you know,

But it seems that's not enough.

I couldn't bear to think that you'd ever go,

Without you life will be tough.


I think about you every day,

And most likely always will.

You were my world for five great years,

Losing you is a bitter pill.


My heart was always in the right place,

Even though I never said it.

Looks like by trying to save face,

I'm going to live to regret it.


I wish you all the best for the future,

And that I really mean.

Unfortunately I'm left without a cure,

Thinking of what could have been.

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