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Hi all, short backstory 145888[/url]

So I went to the party and I did decide to drink. I had a really amazing time, it was one of the funnest parties I have ever been to. I thought that I would want to be all anti-social and stand in the corner, but I was the opposite. There were a few girls who were interested in me there as well, although I decide not to follow through with any of them because I know not to use a newly broken heart. I am friends with a whole new group of people now, and they are all really on my level a very loyal group. After the party I was invited to dinner that day, and I spent most of my saturday with new friends as well. What a kind twist of fate, this is really helping me get through my rough time. I am still dreading having to make one last call to her though... I need to close the case because she left just saying she was "confused", and work out some things for when I get to school (same class nonsense and things like that). Also I dont like the idea that she may right now think that I am waiting for her or something, which is not true.

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Good news for you. Sounds like progress.


What is she confused about and why does she need you to help her? If it is about classes - well she's a big girl, why can't she sort it out for herself or get someone other than her ex to help her?


She needs to understand the consequences of her actions - not receiving help from an ex should be one of them.

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Hey Fisch,


I'm so glad that you got yourself out and to that party, and that you actually enjoyed yourself and also made some new friends! It could not have turned out better for you.


Do you think a phone call is needed to the ex?


Do you really want to go there? Is her breaking it off with you enough of the answer you need to get on with your life?

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No I really dont want to go there, it would much easier not to. But at the same time I feel like I could really move on if I asserted my more strong minded thoughts to her. This is the type of girl that deludes herself, and I want to tell her that she cheated, and that she is not who I thought she was. Not only that she gave almost no explanation of literally what was happening what had happened beyond a few things, and I would like to know the truth. I dont want details, definitely not relatively speaking. I want to know what I am to tell our mutual friends so I dont end up looking like a liar if I just assume things. However, I have a letter that i wrote which I was going to read, it explains my feelings, it is sort of a... power letter lol. Something that says I think you did something wrong and you have something to learn about love, I am moving on, you are not who I thought you were, you and your guy have no honor, please stay away. Do you think that is a good idea?

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Nope - not a good idea.


It's over and done with. Don't pick over the bones of a relationship skeleton - it won't help you.


Better to go no contact, hang out with these new friends, heal over the wounds and date again when you are ready.


Anything else just holds you back.

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I want to know what I am to tell our mutual friends so I dont end up looking like a liar if I just assume things.


1. She won't give you the truth, so don't worry about looking like a liar. You wont get the true answer from her. Tell the friends what you believe happened and leave it at that. Why does she get to decide that?


2. Not a good idea to contact, don't send it and don't call. You are doing good don't mess it up with contact.



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Argh, I called before I saw a lot of answers. She wouldnt answer, maybe she feels a little guilt. Bwahaha, I sort of regret calling, but its ok. Its complete NC from here on out even though I barely know what happened.

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