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Dont know what to do.....

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ive been going out with this guy for a couple of months but he has change really change he is not the guy i fell in love with, he doesnt show any affection to me even though he is doing his hsc ( year 12) i just miss the way he was before, i want to talk to him but dont know where to start and i dont want to sound like a lost case, sometimes i dont feel like he gives a about me anymore..... so confused

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hey lalii, i'm in a similar situation to you.....seeing a girl for about 7 months, she was perfect and so affectionate.....the last month she has totally changed and says its because i am a jealous boyfriend and its the same as being with her last boyfriend.....but the fact that she shows no affection is why i'm jealous....insecure i guess. anyway we're seprated at the moment but she cant tell me that she's 100% positive she doesnt want me. i think she still loves me but wants me to change which i would do in an instant for someone as special as her. anyway talk to your boyfriend if you can and try to sort things out...maybe he will need to change or you will, but dont things die out because you may never get another chance with him. keep smiling.

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