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what type of dinner is best to bring over to a girl?

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There is a wonderful woman who I like. I've had a crush on her for the longest and now I want to really announce it to her, but I thought of a way that might be romantic. I could bring a dinner over to her place, complete with music to dance to and a T-shirt from the Afrofunk concert I just came from (about an hour ago! ). I honestly don't know how to cook and we had agreed to meet at the end of next week, so there isn't time. Besides chinese take-out, what type of food is excellent to bring to a woman's place?


My original plan was to meet her at a cafe near her place, give her the music CD as a gift (she likes Bob Dylan and world music) for her Sunday morning walks. I would like to spend time with her there, flirt with her and then suggest or ask if we could go to her place and play the music. But it's still very platonic.


There shouldn't be a problem because she was at my place for a birthday party. She doesn't think I'm a sleaze but she probably has figured out that I like her.I don't expect anything wild and fun to happen..I only want to be closer to her.

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One thing I've tried before that the girl really liked, though a bit messy, was I went and got her favorite ice cream (dippin dots...something) and bought Ice, and put the ice in a bag and took the ice cream to her house and we ate it on her front porch. Maybe not a good idea. but it worked for me. Good luck man.

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LOL - i was going to say chinese takeout.


or stop by the deli section of your supermarket, get a roasted chicken, and get a few sides (salad, coleslaw, potatoes). And don't forget dessert!


LOL - that's exactly what we did on Friday night - it was great and so easy. Great idea, Annie!!

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Does she like sushi?

There are some excellent sushi places in the city. I wouldn't reccomend it in a lot of locations throughout the US and Canada, but since you live in New York, it could be an option. You don't have to worry about it getting cold, becuase it's supposed to be around room temperature, and it's healthy, so if she is concerned about her weight, she should be fine with it (but, at the same time, it's not one of those foods that might suggest to her that you think she should lose weight haha).


The only problem is, if you wanted to surprise her, sushi could be an issue. Some people have problems with raw fish, or are very picky about what kind of sushi they will/won't eat.


Hmm...if you don't want Chinese, you could try something similar, like Vietnamese food.

There are also some excellent places to get sandwhiches, which aren't very romantic I guess, but they are yummy and simple to arrange. I don't know whereabouts you will be picking up the food though, so I can't get more specific than this.

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I am jaded. If i were you i'd wouldn't, but i am not a woman I am a man, I can't tell. What i can tell you is, i like football fighting video games looking at porn, taxation and above all sex. If you can find me a woman with those exact interests who cannot be of use for sex.. then i think we should be friends. Seriously I don't know many of my friends whos contact details i ask for the first time i meet them. Thats a definite come on. You should tell him you have a boyfriend and leave it at that. If he really does want to be friends then the boyfriend comment will be inane and he won't mind. However, if hes not gay and does want to get into your pants he'll probably want to move on without being rude. Exactly how you want to be.

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