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I don't know how exactly to start off.. but I have this bestfriend and we have experimented (in fact I know I am bi ) but most of the experimenting is for him, because he has never done anything before... Well at the very beginning we started just by making out and we did moderately just for kicks until one night I felt horny and placed my hand on his lap and just started rubbing... Well I ended up having oral sex with him, but he stopped me and told me he felt weird. I said ok and then I stopped. Then one another night about a week later he was lying down and I was staring at him and I just wanted to make love to him so I started kissing him and unzipping his pants and he said " Are you sure? " and I said " yes" So I began to give him oral sex again and went at it for 2 hours ( He takes forever to come. ) until I finally just gave up. So after awhile he starts liking one of my friends who is a girl... and it made me really jealous... but not in a uncivil way. Well the my friend was drunk and asked me to give him oral sex so she could watch and so we all did.... Well after that I give him oral sex one last time before falling asleep and he finally came. ... and that was the last time I had sex with him.


Well while all this is going on he insisted he wasn't gay and part of me believes him ( Well I actually believe him alot. ) and he says he only does this stuff because he knows it makes me happy and that because he knows I love him very much... He is always on the recieving end of sex he only gave me oral sex once....


Well three months later I finally start to ease up about him as much any person could about someone the really adore. He gets this girlfriend that he says he really likes and everything is getting a bit better..... Until last night... Well he stayed the night and I just recently bought a porn movie and we decided to watch it... ( it was straight porn too. ) and I ended up masturbating and so did he....After that I fell asleep.


Well about 4 a.m. in the morning.. He rolls over and is on top of me and kisses me on the cheek and puts his hands around my sides.. I at first thought he was just cuddling because he was cold or something but then he sticks his hand down my pants and starts to jack me off... I felt that he was very hard and started rubbing on my leg... Of course the right thing to do would be to stop him but I like him so much that I just let it happen.....


I started to jack him off too and in a few minutes he came... But when he came he just rolled over and said " That shouldn't have happened... "


After that I was left very very confused......

The next day he told me that hardly remembered it and didn't know why he did it... He said he didn't think he was consicous when he did it....


I liked him so much I am thinking that he is just afriad to be gay/bi.... But I am worried that because I do like him so much that I just want him to be gay/bi....


What do you think of it?

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It's very hard to tell how someone feels, and what the motivation is for his actions. My first thought was that he feels a certain way about you but doesn't want to admit. If he used to fool around just with girls, it might be scary for him to try things with a guy. Sounds like he wants to deny what happened. In any respect, it's more important that you do what you feel good about. If you don't want things to happen with him, make that clear and move on. You don't have to be intimate with someone who is so confused, maybe it's better to keep him at a distance for a while and see what he does.



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