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should I tell my ex about a drinking problem (long)

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Sadly you're probably not going to get what you're looking for in initiating contact.


The fact that she didn't reply to your few emails is probably a good indication that she doesn't want to contact you. You let her know (implicitly) that the lines of communication are open when you sent the email. With that in mind, there is no other reason to communicate to her. I know you want to; believe me, I've been through that hell. But it won't do any good. You'll just come accross as pathetic and desperate.


Showing up to her place is a HUGE mistake. It shows a complete lack of respect for her boundaries.


As for disclosing your drinking problem, here is how I look at it. Would you tell someone you didn't like you had a drinking problem? Probably not. I wouldn't risk that sort of disclosure to someone who could easily turn into your least favorite person.


That sort of disclosure is the type of thing that can help build intimacy in a relationship. Not the type that brings salvation to one.


If you're looking for closure, I suggest writing her a letter, get it all out by saying what you need to say.


Then a day later, destroy it.

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