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Pretty folks aren't always aware of their beauty, just as thin folks feel obese and starve themselves. Pretty folks aren't always concerned with their partner's appearance, either. I've known women who hated being gawked at, guys who were unhappy with being hit on.


Of course I have no personal experience to draw from.

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So my question is, do you think (physically) beautiful people are happier? why or why not?


Physical beauty has nothing to do with happiness.


Only if a person is beautiful to themselves, will there be any chance of happiness.


There are plenty of pretty people out there who don't believe for one reason or another, that they are beautiful, and they live miserable lives.

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There is a famous quote by Stendhal that says: "beauty is only the promise of happiness".


So my question is, do you think (physically) beautiful people are happier? why or why not?


Well, beauty is much more than clear skin and nice bones. It's not just about being 'pretty'.


In answer to your q; No. They aren't any happier necessarily.

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Absolutely, without a doubt, no- beauty does not equal happiness. Confidence is all that matters. It's a hundred times more attractive in every way. Having lots of interests, being good at something, being passionate about your own life- these are the things that equal happiness. I have seen too many examples in my life to even list them here, but trust me on this one!

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I agree that beauty doesn't equal happiness, BUT I've read many articles where it's been proven that good-looking ppl get special treatment, get jobs easily, promotions, even less time in jail, people give more attention to them, and so on and so on, so this in turn gives them confidence and self-worth, and as a result do better in life in general.


So, having acquired confidence and higher self-esteem, even competence, arent' they happier in life? Is it because there is a downside to all of this?

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Lets be realistic, being beautiful can't secure happiness but its certainly going to help. Just a simply comparison i like these;


Two guys; one very attractive, tall, well endowned and the other is 5ft 2in, very ugly, no front teeth with a tiny * * * *. Who, is more likely to be happier. A guy having no problems pulling angelia jolies type women, or the other guy being replused by women.


It takes extremes to realise that beauty is linked towards happiness, but it isn't beauty alone. Other factors like personality, IQ have to be taken into consideration. But, beauty helps alot even your outlook wether your a pessimist or optismist.

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jsut read up? lol doesn't being beautiful help you in being confident? its much easier to be confident if you've got many good qualities that u've been made aware of.


In my above example, say the short, ugly, tiny d*icked was supremely confident. If he approached any of you women, you'd probably find him quite amusing, laughable and foolish for being so confident with no decent appearance qualities. Hey, baby come back to my place, ill show you a good time(high confidence) you'd probably just burst out laughing. The good looking guy could maybe pull it off, if he wasn't quite as cheesy


good looks, high IQ, nice body, status = confidence

you don;t get confidence from within yourself, the lion share is the external world. If every person u approached laughed in your face, wouuld you have any confidence? nope.


Just look at your our life, your find your confident in some areas and not in others. You might be a straight A student and very confident academically. yet have no confidence when it comes to your love life because u get no positive reinforcement and perhaps ur ugly, overweight and u feel inadequate etc.

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Competence trumps confidence as a turn-on for me.


Ok, then how about continence?? Cause I think I can at least pull that one off most days, since beautiful is sooo out of my league.


And to the OP: As long as they aren't beautiful AND rich, I don't care if they are happy or not. If they are, I just think I have to hate them on principle..

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Lord, Dako... You crack me up. Have you actually looked at my picture? Your former avatar and I have alot in common.


And for your information, I have only peed on myself ONCE in the last month when the Doc I work with was trying to scratch his balls behind a patients back and got the zipper pull stuck in his gold nugget ring somehow. I had to help him extricate himself not only from his pants, but also from the little old lady who thought he was looking at her while feeling himself up.


I would challenge you NOT to pee on yourself with mirth in the same situation...

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