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ex leaving on trip with new guy

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after doing nc for a month me and my talked again and even exchanged kisses and hugs I learned what she had been up to like seeing other guys. Nothing affected me. I thought I was over worrying and anger and jealousy. Our birthdays are both in september when I suggested plans she already has them to go away for the weekend with the guy she has been seeing. This has really brought me down to where I though I couldn't come back to. I thought I had left this place of jealousy and anger.


For one thing she is going to be 23 but even after being 18 or even 21 she could never stay out anywhere because she didn't want to do that to her parents. As soon as we end she says she feels older now and it shouldn't matter what her parents think and going out late or not coming home shouldn't matter cause she is an adult. She was an adult 3 months ago when she was with me why the change now. I don't get it. This is something she would never have done with me because of her parents but now everythings different. She told me if she was the way she is now when we were together it would have been better between us. Well obviously it would have meant spending a lot more time together something that was limited by her self imposed curfews and the image she wanted to portray to her parents at 22? She lives at home. So yeah her parents don't have a problem with it and they didn't have one then it was just her setting her own limits which she feels she has grown out of. I think it is time to cut contact once and for all. A weekend out with a guy and me still being there like a doofus? I don't think I should lower myself to that anymore. But saying is easier than doing. I don't know.

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If you kept NC you wouldn't have known what she is up to and thereforeeee wouldn't be sad.


My advice is to do NC again until the thought of her dating someone else doesn't sicken you. And when this feeling happens...you won't even care if you see her again or not.


Exes are for a reason. Leave them in the past. Being friends with them is not healthy because one's motive behind the friendship is not pure. They secretly want them back and will unconsiously ruin the other's relationships.


edit: dont waste your energy on her at all. use your energy towards self improvement or on ur friends and family.

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