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Been dating for 4 years and now he's moving away-help

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My boyfriend and I have been together for four years now. We've always been inseperable and just totally and completely in love. I'm 17 and he is 19..about a month ago his mom got a really nice job offer in another state. I love him so much and I know he feels the same. He swears to me that he wants to stay together and make this work. He says we'll have plently of times to see each other. I know he's right! We love each other and I know we can make this work, I just know it's going to be soo hard missing him all time. He's leaving in a week I'm just afraid that he may realize once he gets up there that it is going to be too difficult. I don't want him to break it off just because he's scared! I need advice please..anything will be appreciated. How can I keep our relationship great like its always been and not loose him?

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Im not really sure yet because this is all so sudden you know. Im planning on going up to visit him in december when i graduate. (ill be a mid year grad) and staying for as long as i can. i guess we'll just have to go from there and figure it all out. im willing to move up there also when i graduate but i dont think he thinks i would actually do it! should i? or should i just stay where i am and do this long distance? helppp

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hey skittles

yes he has to go with his mom and it sucks.. he has no other family here to stay with.. he wants to go to college up there it will be his second year. and i plan to do the same. i was seriously thinking about moving up there with him when i got out of school but im not sure if this could actually happen, i mean with the money situation and all.

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well it is a case of a long distance relationship.


How far away will he be?


I met my gal online and she in the USA and I am in Canada, have been since we 'met'. That was 1 3/4 years ago and we have been dating sort of speak for over a year now.


It is tuff, I'll say that... though especially because we haven't had the chance of being together to build up our relationship...


So you have the strength of building that and now at least you can work on things as you are apart, but you knwo who is is in a deeper sense bacause you have BEEN together already for four years.


Are you still in shcool? Are you lanning on Colledge? Is he planning, and or does he work? HOW hard would it be to get a job and move ot where he is? Could you afford your own place there? Would he be willign to move back and get a job where you are at now?


You might have to answer some of these questions in your game plan if you it turns out that the both of you cannot bare being apart.


Sounds like he cares alot about you and you to him, I think you guys will be able to work out a solution to your dilema at hand. Be sure to talk about your concerns with him, I think it is important. So don't bottle stuff up as to blow up on day. My gal sometimes does that to me ](*,)


Hope this helps,






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