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Arg, I'm so pissed off

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I am such a wuss, I had like 3 perfect oppurtunities to ask a girl out to a movie or to hang out and I did nothing with it! The worst part is, is that I'm like 80% sure she would have said yes. But I'm a freaking wuss. Why? I have no idea. I am good looking, funny, talented, confident in most other areas of my life, but when it comes to asking a chick out I freeze up and get shy like a little kid. MY brother asked how would I feel if she rejected me or said no, and my reply was "oh well, her loss, there's plenty of other chicks out there." So why can't I just man up and ask a freakin chick out. Dang it, it sucks. Just had to get that out there. On monday I may have some more oppurtunities so hopefully I dont royally screw it up.

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look at it this way from now on, what do you have to lose? ill tell you nothing! if you get turned down there are many more that will say yes. i used to be shy when i was younger, but i got over that. rejection is part of life it will happen, you just have to tell yourself oh well her loss. if you dont just start going for it you might just miss out on a great thing. good luck!

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i am just one of those people that makes a mistake once or twice, gets hella down on themselves about it, then eventually works to become the best, or atleast good at what they were trying to do. I've always been like that.


Monday I will redeem myself though, lol

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what exactly did you screw up? as far as i'm concerned, you're right if you feel you screwed something up and you're right if you don't feel you screwed anything up. either way, they'll know which one you believe by what you tell them.


as far as talking to them and approaching them. essentially where things go wrong is when YOU want to ask them out, but feel its somehow wrong or you need their permission. asking them is enough, feeling weird about asking them sends out the wrong impression. as if there's something you're trying to get out of them or out of the situation.


the sad part is that once you get past the introduction. EVEN if they sound interested and like they want to see you. the next fun part can just be getting them to actually show up like they agreed on. then you realize that intros and asking them out isn't as big a deal as what comes after.

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