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Erm i dno - i gess its like the aftermath of self- harm

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ok here goes;


basically i used to harm for like 3 or 4 years n i spoke 2 people n got it all sorted n that n like lately im sorta jus like, realli annoyed at myself. like all the scars i have - my arms are totally covered up to my shoulders n my legs are scarred too. there are a few on my stomach n hands as well.


anway m jus wunderin how to deal with these, like willl i accept them and how? can i cover them up? will they fade? does anyone know anything i can do cuz they're realli getting me down n ive bin ok for a while n dnt wana go back.


they ddnt bother me so much until recently wen i had my prom - i had so much fun but felt very akward when my english teacher (one of those teahcers u can get along with) asked me about the scars on my arm whilst i was eating. i was very self concsious and blamed it on my years of clumsiness. i think he bort it.


its now the summer and i shuldnt hav 2 still wear jumpers! i dnt no wat to do n its gettin to the point where im thinkin - "ive gotta hide anyway - at least harming gave me sumthin" i dnt wana do it but its becoming tempting...


can anyone help plz? i realli dnt no wot to do - im using bottles of concealer but....its jus not enough.


write me back xoxox

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You might like to read these, a lot of suggestions have been given in these threads





Personally, I say go with creams. Creams should be avaliable from chemists to slowly remove the appearance of scars, which you can use for long term changes.

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Vitamin E that works but i heard that it takes 100 days but its worth it, it makes all your scars go away. I myself have the stuf but i always forget to use it and plus theres no point because i still cut sometimes

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... because i still cut sometimes

Sad to hear that. I know you miss your dad. I told you already that I love you like a daughter an want you to have a good future.


You cut makes me sad. Your dad would not want that either.


Please let your dad pass in peace and focus on yourself and your future.


You are a kind young woman and quite smart too. You can do it.


And talk here anytime and in particular when you want to cut!



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