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How to know if he wants a replacement?

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Right now I am dating a guy and he always tell me he is eager to have a girl friend and he always tells me how pretty his ex-gf is and how they spent time together before they broke up one year ago. My question is how do you tell if a guy really loves you or just eager for replacement? I am confused.

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I have to agree with the others here. He's not over her.


It's pretty inconsiderate of him to talk about his ex all the time. I mean, you are not stupid.. obviously he was attracted to her, obviously they spent lots of time together. He doesn't need to tell you this!


It's almost like he's trying to rub it in.. like trying to tell you that you aren't as good as she was or something.


It's just not fair of him. You deserve a guy who is into you and not his past girlfriends.

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Yup, he's not over her. I'd say take a break from dating him...either so that he can have time to be single and get over his ex or so that he can go tell someone else how much he likes his ex. All in all, not a fun situation for you to be in. Get out early before you get too attached.

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