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what is the weirdest dream you have had about your ex?

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ive had loads of dreams about my ex (unfortunately) but the strangest and probably the funniest was when he showed up at my house and he was in his pyjamas. i tried to get away from him and he chased me while i was driving. he managed to keep up with the car despite me doing 50mph lol and he was shouting a lot of jibberish.


another one was i ended up joining my former workplace again and he was showing me the ropes which i found really weird.


i have been dreaming a lot about him lately....hope it stops

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I once had a dream about my ex...


I walked into a house, it didn't have a roof... althought it was thunderstorming but none of the rain or thunder was coming through... All I could do was look up and see the lightning.


After I walked through the main room, I saw her there lying in a bed... She had just woken up... I looked at her for about a minute but then walked into the next room, only to discover her parents were waking up in their bedroom too. The odd thing was that I never met her parents.


I have had many others... and we [the ex] have had exactly the same dreams on exactly the same nights. I find dreams really fascinating.


There is a lot of information on dreams and their meanings on this website I found:


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Years ago now, I used to have a lot of dreams about my ex bf where I was running through mazes and industrial zones, up elevators, through shoots, underground - searching for him.

I'd spot him, he'd be moving very fast, and he was searching for me too even though we were near each other. We were chasing each other or something. lol.


Later, the dreams started taking on the new twist of me becoming this spy/anti-hero who while performing amazing feats in order to rescue him, would be firing rockets and blowing up things around me.


The dreams played themselves out.

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I usually don't dream about my "X".... .I can't remember when I last time I dreamt about him.




Just last night I had a dream about him. His car was parked along side a freeway exit. And it was dirty and dusty. There was a messaged written on the dirty surface of the car. It was for the "Movers"... apparently he was moving somewhere. The car(In real life) , I know is not operational.

He had the unfortunate fortune of being parked in the wrong place these last few days and the car was submerged in a flood. Thats probably why I dreamt about it.


After the car thing... I dreamt that we (he and I) were all at some party in a big ol barn. I love barns by the way... the smell of hay and horses, is strangely comforting to me. Anway... the whole click I used to hang with was at a "BARN PARTY"... and it was pouring rain outside. We were looking for ways to entertain ourselves. Someone strung a rope around the rafters and we built this huge huge swing. When you lay on the swing... everyone spins you around and around until the swing is all twisty... then they let go... and you go zoooming around and around the room.


I swear I woke up sea sick this morning from the spinning!!!


How strange. And no... I haven't stopped to unscramble the meaning of this dream. Need a few more cups of coffee before I can manage it.

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It's almost been a year, and I recall no dreams about my ex.

We were married for half of my lifetime, yet not a single dream.

Is that weird?


No... I don't think so. Its been over 2 years for me. And I just started having them.


Grin... I well remember your break-up story. You and I went over the river styx and through the pitts of heII and dispair.


It might be that there was so much pain associated with the break up that your BRAIN simply shut her off in dream land. Mine might have returned to me recently because maybe I'm ready to face those DEMONS head on even in my dream state without feeling hurt or afraid. dunno.

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Thanks Dako... its good to be back.


Been trying to LIVE IT.. and work the issues. Weening myself from the net a bit. And I have to say.. having a GRAND time doing it.


Good to hear that she doesn't visit you as the "bogey man" ... Thats a good thing I'd say!!!!!


I don't mind my "X" taking a role in the drama scape of my dreams. As long as he keeps his charming self to himself on the astral we'll be fine.


you know what he weird thing is....I've always had the most vivid of dreams. I wake up and remember every detail of a dream. And when we were together.. I never dreamt about him. Ever. Good / Bad or indifferent... I never had him take part in that realm.


I'm ok if he's there now... but if he tries to get fresh with me, I'll have to whip out my trusty sword and cut him down to ribbons. eewwww.

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she never enters my dreams anymore......the only time i saw her in my dreams i asked her have we got back together again, she said yes, i was sayin to myself god tell me this is a dream.....i don't want to go thru it again.


She never came back again.

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