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ok havent posted in here forever...but ill go over teh whole ordeal again and then the current state in which im confused


Long story short went out for 3 1/2 years she wanetd time on her own but we still hooked up for 2 months then i cut it off and went NC..


So i go a good month without hearing from her and she starts randomaly once a week or so texting me with nonsense i dont answer or pick up my phone ever..

Month ago she sends me a text that she thinks shes going crazy i tell her "itll be ok" but dont get all that into it


Ever since shes been texting more and more frequently but i just dont know hwo to look into it. Im over it not completely 100% over it but im doing good.


but she told me she misses me and wants to see me but is afraid shell lead me on. I told her id rather just not see her and avoid the possibility of getting hurt..


But last week she again said id like to see you maybe we can go to this concert and i just dont know what to do..


Should i go and just expect nothing to happen or is that impossible..Or for my own sake should i just say no and cut her off until her feeling and what she wants are 100% concrete.


thanks =/

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Tell her that if she wants to get back together then you can talk about that but otherwise you are not going to talk to her. If she says she just wants to be friends tell her you have lots of friends already - what you want is a girlfriend.

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