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Say My Name!

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Alright, so tonight I manually stimulated my new g/f and she was kind of....verbal. I've never been with anyone who actually said my name as she nearly buckled to her knees, so my question is this; is it disappointing if guys don't say anything when they're being pleasured? I've actually never felt I had anything to say, like "oh oh oh" or anything. I might tell her it feels really good from time to time or tell her what to do, but to say much makes me feel kind of stupid.


Just looking for some tips. Also, how might I control myself to last longer during sex? This hasn't been an issue yet with my current g/f, but it very well may be one to arise. It was an issue in my past relationships, and I always use a condom.

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Well...in my experience...the verbal part...well...just sort of came out like a porn star. LOL I mean...saying things like "Oh yeah...you like that baby.." stupid stuff like that LOL I can't believe I just said this online to millions of people, but hey...


As for lasting longer...they make condoms that have a lubricant that will make you last longer...but to be forewarned..you'll be NUMB down there for a lil bit. Or...another alternative...you may want either A) have her get you off and then you guys have sex later that day....or B) you get yourself off and then you guys have sex like hours later that same day. Either way...you should last longer...but every guy/girl has different recharge rates...lol

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Think about it, when you're staring up at your woman from far below...and you hear her moan your name or close her eyes and moan...doesn't that encourage you?


I think when a man is too quiet, it makes us feel like we're dull and boring and not getting the job done properly. I mean it feels bad for a guy when a woman just lays there in silence while you're working it!


I mean I love when I'm hmmm, pleasing Riien and he says something like "oh God baby (or saying my name) that feels so good." Makes me want to continue! Otherwise, I might kill the mood by stopping every 10 seconds asking if he actually likes it or if I'm doing it right!


The ohs and moans and grunts are definitely a plus for me!!


Although too much talking can sound fake.


As far as lasting longer during sex, I can't answer that properly...for I am not a guy

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The first time I was ever given a hand job, without thinking or even meaning to say it... I said "Oh my god [her name], don't stop!" It wasn't even intentional, it was just because I was experiencing something I hadn't ever felt before, and it was with someone I really cared about. After that she was really happy that I used her name and not one of my ex's. I think the best thing was that she just knew I randomly used her name without even thinking - and it was hers.


As mentioned above in regard to lasting longer there are the special lubricants and condoms, but I think it can stem back to masturbation also, if you bring yourself just to climax, then stop... wait 30 seconds and then go again... do this over and over again... that way when it comes to the real deal you should last a bit longer. Also I guess maybe masturbate a few hours before if you know you are seeing your girlfriend in the evening/nights because you last longer if you have climaxed before during the daytime. I also find that while you are having sex that a wandering mind can help you last longer as well, sometimes I just think of something random, like a bull... which helps to last longer.


Good luck,



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Yup I guess!


That's why I said if she must be vocal in bed to use "oh baby, or honey"...


Can't get caught out that way...


Then again coming up to climax is a bit like alcohol, you'll either tell the truth completely or say whatever the hell you like!

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I've had a bad experience with the name thing before


My boyfriend was in for a week visit from Arizona (I was living in Michigan) and we were on our last night and we had intended on staying up all night... well I started to fall asleep and was apparently dreaming that my ex husband was standing at the window watching us and I screamed his name.


Needless to say, regardless of the situation, it freaked my boyfriend out and he dumped me when he got home


Other than that I've had a few close calls but I think the more I've worried about it the more i've almost done it.

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Very much so, but it's those "real" sex situations that are the most memorable I think. I mean we know what we see in the movies and on tv...it's always perfect.


No one ever falls off the bed or hits their head on the headboard. No one ever walks in on them and no one ever hears them! It makes life a little more interesting

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I think making SOME noise should be encouraged. I am very verbal during sex, while my boyfriend is SO silent. I sometimes worry that he doesn't like what I am doing because he's that quiet.


I think it's nice to hear something out of the other person's mouth. But I wouldn't worry about it unless your girlfriend finds it to be a problem.

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