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I feel more lonely right now than I ever have before. my boyfriend, who is pretty much my only friend in the city I live in is leaving for a month and I am so afraid of being by myself for that long, and I am afriad that I will feel so sad and alone that I will harm myself in some way. my friends from my hometown never talk to me anymore and I dont want to live with this pain anymore. I dont know how to fix anything and everytime I try I fail. I dont want to die but I don't want to keep on living like this. I need help but I really dont have any friends anymore. therapy isnt helping either I still hate myself more than ever and I feel like nothing is ever going to get better.

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someone please help me, I am having thoughts of suicide and just attacked my arm with a knife. I cant stop what I am feeling and everything is wrong and I hate myself and dont want to live like this someone please help this is more pain than I have ever felt I dont know what is happening to me

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I think you should realize your life should not revolve around your boyfriend. I've been incredibly bored this summer... my boyfriend is practically my social life. He actually said that about me today to our friend.


If you have any hobbies, do that. Sleep in. Relax. Enjoy the sense of independence... have some fresh air away from your boyfriend. Feel what it's like to take a little break from all the lovey dovey stuff. There's no way you can spend every waking minute with him. Married couples don't even do that.


He'll be back... it's not like he's leaving for a YEAR or anything. And killing yourself or harming yourself is not going to solve ANYTHING. It'll just make it more painful... emotionally AND physically.


The time away from your boyfriend is like a time for you to do some things for yourself and by yourself. Find some things you like to do... spend time on YOU. I, too, will be apart from my boyfriend... it'll be like 1 1/2 weeks... but it's still time apart. Don't countdown the days till he comes back. It'll just make it seem a lot longer. I hoped that helped a little bit.

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find an activity you used to enjoy and join it, or if your not into activities, or sports, swimming is a good thing to do, as it can be relaxing, or just going out to watch movies, also, you could try and cook new things, so u can give your boyfriend a welcome back meal when he gets home? I hope these idea's help you



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As others said, your are overdependent on you bf.


Your bf can be part of you life but life has much more to offer than just another person.


However, I posted in this thread: , and I think he has issues which are beyond you to resolve.


Thus, I feel that you are a young woman who loves the wrong guy at the wrong time.


Have a look at this for some ideas: Wicked.


We always will be here for you.

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