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Feeling low :( I too need to vent

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I need a shoulder to cry on, I feel low again & I wish I knew someone I could just cuddle and cry right noowwwww


Here's the situation,


I met a girl online (oooh good start, everyone told me not to, right?..), she messaged me first saying I'm really good looking and wants to chat etc. So we did for about 2-3 months, then summer was coming and I was gonna visit her city, and she was saying how she wants her next bf to be just like me. So I thought why not give it a try, we started going out.. I went there, visited her about a month later. She had my pictures in her room, I wasn't waiting for that, I was happy. And then I left and came back. In the mean time, she never called me, I told her not to since I could call her for free because I had a long distance plan.. One day I told her to call me when she feels like it, she said ok and I waited for 3 days, she didn't call so I called back & told her I was waiting for her call, she said sorry. No big deal. I call her every other day and talk for like 10 minutes since I don't like talking on the phone much.


(some info on her: She's really polite, she had 3 relationships until now (she's 18 ) one of them for 3 years, other for 6 months and another for 5 months in which all of them ended up by the guys cheating on her)


So, she was on this friendship site, kinda like myspace, where people can see her status, she made me register there also. And she put her status "couples with" and you could see my picture and in her profile message, she had my picture saying "my baby". Today I check her profile and the status has changed to "couples" and my picture with the saying has been removed..

And there's a pic of a guy in her profile and a message saying "I'm sorry *name* but you'll always have a big place in my heart". (That message was there since we met so no big deal right? nothing new) I never asked her to not look like I don't trust her or anything, because I try to.. I just asked her if she was over her ex bfs, and she said sure and told me not to worry about her.


She was supposed to come visit me before the school starts, but now she's saying she's not sure when she'll come.. At first when we started going out she said she'd come before school starts for sure. Now she's saying she will come but don't know when. I asked her if she wants to come at all, and she said she does..


What she wants in a partner is basically someone good looking, smiling, honest, and a gentleman. Now I'm pretty sure I got all these qualities, I've been told I was good looking before, I ALWAYS smile, I'm really honest and a real gentleman.


So I'm really starting to wonder where this relationship is going & what I should do. I thought of asking what happened to my picture in her profile in a joking way, but I'm thinking it'll make me look as if I was checkin her profile all the time. (she made the change today)


And also I want her to come here, and that our relationship won't work if we don't make plans on who's going to visit who, when..


I just want your opinions on this one, the girl's known as a person who you can confide in, all her friends love her like their sister. So I doubt she'd do anything wrong since she has been cheated on 3 times & she should know how it feels.


Sorry about the long post, just had to vent and get some ideas, thanks a lot for reading everyone..

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see if you can talk to her about whats going on, if you cant move on. Dont let one girl get ya down plenty of fish in the sea. I once dated a girl for a few months, only took me 2 days to recover. If it was 2-3 yrs Id be really upset but it wasnt so.. but yea see if you can talk to her, if not its time to move on.

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I think it's ok with just asking why she removed the picture from her website. I mean she wouldn't just put it there and then remove it for no reason, right?

Try talking to her and see if she does really want to visit. If she keeps pushing that off, then I'd push her off and move on! You can get a girl who knows how to be with a real gentleman!

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Talk to her ask her what is going on, but dont push her off until you have talked to her, she could be just scared of losing you, or scared that you might cheat on her. Well thats just what i think because if i was with three guys and they all cheated on me i would find it really hard to trust another guy

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