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Anyone care to share some advice on building up a social circle?

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Well...here's the run down of my situation. Recently, I've had to cut off a couple friends in my life because of drama and disrespect and at the same time three of my other friends graduated in May and moved to different cities.


Lately... things have been going overall good for me. I've been eating healthy... lost a good 30 pounds... now I'm 6'1" 175 lbs. I'm graduating from college next week, I just got a new car a few months ago, and I've made an effort to dress really nice and improve my fashion sense. My confidence has gone up a lot... I've even noticed some looks from the ladies... and it would seem like a lot of things in my life are starting to come together.....


But at the same time I feel like I don't really have any friends where I live. I feel like I could get a job in a different city and I wouldn't be leaving anyone behind. I've went through most of my life having very few close friends.


My question to you guys is... what advice would you guys have for building up a social circle and\or meeting people? I really need to find an effective plan to get out and meet people instead of sitting around isolated feeling sorry for myself. Thanks for reading

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I've been in the same boat you are. I lost my social circle due to divorce. I got the house and kids. He won the friends, and so it goes. I know what it means to be isolated and all alone. Last winter was the worst for me. I spent a lot of time soul searching and talking to on-line buddies, but it wasn't enough.


A positive attitude helps. Get out where you will meet people. Go to the gym.. not only to meet people but its healthy for you. Get a new hobbie... I've recently taken up motorcycle riding. I took a course at a Harley Dealership.. with a few other newbies. By the end of the course we'd all buddied up, exchanged phone numbers and email addresses. Now I have a few new buddies with something in common to call on. We all have riding and a new love of motorcycles in common. I have friends who are involved in running.. and through that they meet friends. Or maybe you are interested in OLD VINTAGE CARS.. there are tonz of Car Shows around town on the weekend... go to a car show and strike up a conversation. Collect comic books??? go to a comic book convention. Find hobbies that interest you and take a class.... or go where that hobby takes you. Follow your dreams a bit.. and open yourself up to other people around you.


I'm pretty much an outgoing person.. .so being a social chameleon comes pretty easy for me. I fit in pretty much where ever I go. I watch others struggle with this... and I thing the trick is to r-e-l-a-x... don't try so hard and it will come to you. Be yourself... your authentic self.

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