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Untitled (warning: this is anti-religion)

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Blinded children

of an invisible god

that is unknowable because he

doesn't exist,

a god born of

human madness and inhumanity.

A explaination for life

when nothing was bordered in sterile


and the rain that fell

were the goddess's tears

the lightning, her anger

and the sun courted her in the twilight

and begot the human race.

Gods were conceived in the minds of desert nomads,

born of loneliness and ensnaring


that would burn for their delusions

and become martyrs,

then the gods of the modern age.

Their versions of history are written on

crumbling parchment and tablets of stone.

Was it the sweat and blood of god or an artist

left too long alone

that put the face of a carpenter's son

on a funeral shroud?

Manufactured relics: Bit of the "true" cross trapped in Catholics'


dashboard saints,

plaster Madonnas and

porcelain wise men in Easter grass nativities

where no animals would lay

and no messiah was born.

Apocalypse flames may come,

but they will be fanned by human hands.

No god can deny us

our hard-won will or maybe he just won't try.

The 'son of god'

is a broken form on a crucifix

silhouetted against the fading sky.

So answer me this






What can you do today

that we cannot?

Death and destruction are our tools in a world where

hope and peace can be given out on

60 minute TV shows.

Reason and logic

are science's scriptures

Fear too, lies in human hands

Bombs, planes, assassins

What can you do that will make you invaluable?

For we will deem you

expendable when we have surpassed your achievements

and we will.

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