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Dont want to be a downer at this party; Recently cheated on and in pain tho

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I need to go to somebody's 21st bday party tonight, but I am feeling so gloomy. My gf cheated on me and left me on monday and I have been having symptoms of sickness all week. Maybe its from lack of sleep and stuff, my stomach is often in knots. The thought of betrayal from someone that I thought was so kind and that cared for others, hurts so much. Especially due to the hurtful and disrespectful manner she has done this all in. I need to be cheered up, I dont wanna be a downer at this girls b-day party. Also I will need to not drink there since I am emotional, I just know it will make me more angry and sad. Sometimes I think of how horendous her selfishness and cruelty turned out to be despite the fact that I thought I knew her so much that I shudder really intensly. Argh! Help me out

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Yea I mean I definitely plan on going. I know staying active is important. Also I dont really know the girl who invited me all that well, she just kinda randomly invited me. I would really like to make more friends around here that is why it is important to me.

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Don't be so hard on yourself, you just had a major emotional upheaval go on and you won't always want to put on a happy face


But, I do think going is a great idea...it's harder to mope when you keep busy, especially around other company! But yes, try to limit the drinking as it IS a depressant!


And hey, big hugs....it will get better.



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Thanks people, I will try to have a good time, I am after all a professional partier thanks to my training at Penn State. Also the thing is that I am usually a really good healer, it is usually hard to get me down for too long. But this girl, I honestly thought was one of the nicest people EVER, and I just turned out to be SO wrong. Thats why it hurts so bad. Maybe Ill post on it in more detail later. Or did I do that already? Thanks for listening, and your words of kindness.

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Ouch eh,


I haven't been cheated on, but I have had my heart broken that is for certain.


I found though that getting out (and yes not drinking) but just being around people is a great relief. SHE won't be at this party, will she? If she IS I would then say don't go... if she isn't then go for sure.


YOU DO NOT HAVE TO socialize, but then again you don't HAVE to be anti social.


Just try and not worry about the big stuff and flow with the little stuff if that makes sense?


I made news friends and had a good time even around relativelty complete strangers way back when. NOT saying I was completely comfortable, but looking back I always had a much better time going than I figure if I did not...


As for cheaters, well that is always the terrible slate. Not sure how to advise other than ANYONE who does such a thing IMO is shallow. I mean if someone NEEDS to be with another, then at least break things off first... and even wait a few days. Other wise, a 'tramp' is what I define such charaters as.


Take care,




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Hey Fisch, sorry to hear about what happened to you, but remember this:


You are a young man, with his whole life ahead of him. This is merely a speedbump in your life. Go to the party and have fun and meet some new people, and if you feel it isn't in your best interests to drink, than don't. Have fun!

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