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had my drink spiked..is this the right forum for this?

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i was at a party last night and i think i may have had my drink spiked. i only had two vodka and cokes. i usually drink a lot more than that and i can handle my drinks very well. however, last night i felt really rough after that and i have been throwing up ever since (just stopped a few hours ago).


i had this guy hitting on me the entire night and i do sorta remember leaving my drink to go to the bathroom at one point but i didnt get another one (my second vodka and coke)...he was sitting close by and i cant help but think it may have been him. i had that same drink when i came back and a couple of hours later i am feeling really sick and faint. the same guy comes over and he tries to ask if im okay and he starts to feel me up but i managed to push him away. i managed to get outside and he followed still trying to put his arm around my waist and he was acting really sleazy. thankfully i managed to get a taxi home but spent the entire night throwing up. i have never been like this before and it just got me thinking if my drink had been spiked or not....any opinions wud be good.


sorry if this doesnt come under this forum...wasnt sure where else to put it

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Is there any way you can call your doctor and go in right away for a blood test? If there's anything that is not supposed to be in your blood- they should be able to detect it.


Otherwise, there's no way to really know for sure.


But in the future, never, ever leave a drink unattended. There are too many sick people in the world, and sadly you always have to think that way to be safe.




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Hey hon,


A doctor may be able to do a drug test early enough to detect a drug in your system.


You are lucky, so I hope you learn from this to NEVER EVER leave your drink unattended, not even with a friend whom may not be so vigilant (or trustworthy). It's REALLY bad news.


My brother had his drink spiked before at a gay bar, he was lucky to get home okay as there were friends there to get him out of there.



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more then likely your drink was spiked. im a man and i never leave my drink's unatended, that was a very foolish thing to do as a woman there are alot of slimy men out there that are just waiting for the oppertunity to take advantage of a woman such as yourself. that being said im glad you maid it home safe. and you can look at it this way you learned a valuable lesson without getting hurt. dont do it again!

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I am happy that nothing happened to you, well, except from the throwing up, but that's the bodies way to get rid of the bad stuff. Like all the others said, NEVER EVER leave a drink unattended. The situation is suspicious enough to get a test for drugs, I'd make an appointment asap if you want to know. But if your drink was spiked, and the test would proof that, what else would you learn from that but never leaving your drink unattended?


Take care and get some rest from the heavy night!



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WOW I would say you're assumption is correct. The exact same thing happened to a girl I knew. Some other girls were with her but had 'left her alone' for a while in the bar and she went to the bathroom or something. when she returned, she drank her drink and became really sick. Luckily her friends went back to her and took her home and took care of her.


She actually didn't remember a great deal of the time after she had her drink though...do you feel you are 'missing time.'?


I would go and get checked over right away to be sure you are alright. You never know what the guy gave you!

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Hi celticghirl,


Glad you got away alright.


Reminds me of a worse experience a few years ago.


I was with my gf for a night out. A girl offered us drinks but my gf did not like the whiskey. I had a deep sip.


I while later we left and waited for a taxi. I remember my gf buying some snacks and then nothing.


I woke up 4 hours later on a sidewalk with someone attending to a wound on my knee.


My gf was gone, cash was there, cards, phone and all. Nothing missing. My head hurt too on the right, dunno what from.


Caught a taxi home - we do not drive on nights out anyway - she was at home and said I disappeared and she went home by herself.


I am sure I was not even close to drunk not to mention passing out like that ever.


Don't trust easily.

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umm...im beginning to get some flashbacks of what happened and its not good....its to do with that guy again. im getting flashbacks of going to the bathroom again after i started feeling ill and he followed me and he tried to make a move on me. he put his hands down my blouse. i feel really sick......help

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The issue is that this breach of trust has broken positive expectations of you.


You have to "salvage and repair" your expectations ASAP in order to be able to go out again and enjoy yourself.


What I want to say is that NOTHING has changed. Do NOT let it get to you. it was NOT your fault!

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I also recommend you go to the doctor and tell them what you think happened. If they can detect something in your body like a date rape drug they will be able to help you contact the authorities and perhaps this man can be brought to justice (if indeed he did slip something in your drink).


They can also point you to some counselors that can help you figure out what happened and learn to deal with it.

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thank you to everyone. i am feeling a bit better and i have received only one other flasback since i last posted. this one is really blurry and i can just hear the music playing but it still freaked me out. ive been to the doctor's and they have taken my blood sample so hopefully they will be able to find something. thanks once again

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Hi celticghirl,


I am so glad to hear from you again and that you are better.


Please do not keep it inside. Please do not let it get to you. Please retain you positive expectations about life and your future. Balance yourself: Wicked.


Also counseling maybe best and if you want to talk, we are here for you all the time.

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