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*for background check threads that have been started under my SN*


The other night my ex sends me a text message, "I miss u, (my name)!"


The next day she calls, starts small talk, and I finally asked what she meant by her text message. She said, "well it's true. I miss you, and I was feeling lonely". I just said, "okay" and moved on. The conversation ended shortly thereafter.


Afterwards I was mad. I wanted to call back and tell her never to call me with that nonesense again. But I didn't. I slept on it.


Today I grabbed the phone and sent the following text... "the next time you're feeling lonely, call somebody else".


It felt good. I hope I've finally cut the cord. She replied back with "what? Ok"

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Doesn't that feel so damn good?


I blocked this guy I used to be involved with too on AIM. *BLOOOOCK*

I was getting a rush from it and I blocked my other ex too. hahhahah




And when I first saw "NC", I thought "North Carolina"??? LOL

So great signature ya got there.

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block them all. I had to do the same thing. my ex girl still had her stuff at "our" apartment. I called her and told her to come get it that day. I was not threatening, or mean. she asked "why are you being like this with me?" i responded "it's not about you, it's about me, and i need your things gone."

your girl said it. she was feeling lonely. it had nothing to do with you, and it makes all worse. you said it best when you sent the text asking her tocall someone else. good for you, man!

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block them all. I had to do the same thing.

Well... those are the only 2 ex's I have screenames of. Well, okay 3. But he's still a really good friend of mine. I just block out the people who treat me like crap and lead me on. I don't want any of that ever again. Especially when I have a great boyfriend.

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See? That's the problem with doing things this way. It's hard to tell what someone's true feelings are through a text, email, or online conversation. You need to call her up G, hammer this all out and talk things out until there's nothing left to be said. Come to a final conclusion either way. Otherwise it's these cat and mouse games which waste your time and end up harming you in the end.

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I'm back from two weeks of training. I was alone, out of communication with the outside world, and alone with my thoughts. I didn't think about her very much at all. It felt good.


I didn't start thinking about her until I got home. I felt a little down, but hopefully I'll be changing my situation soon. Nothing from her yet, but I don't find myself looking at the phone constantly like I was before I left for training.

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