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What are some ways to simplify my life? Relaxation techniques maybe? Something quick, because time is against me these days. Most of this is emotional and mental baggage that I'm carrying. I fix one problem, and two more pop up. I have had SO much on my plate recently, and it doesn't look like it's letting up. A long vacation is atleast another year away. I had one of the worst days I've ever had today. It was so bad, all I could do was just sit in the rain and laugh at it all. Yes, it rained today too. Death came knocking, but by some miracle it wasn't her time. That's just the topping on the cake. Don't worry, I'm not suicidal or extremely depressed. I do have a lot of depression and a load of anxiety, but just from the circumstances. I have something of a plan formulated, as much so as I can anyway. tomorrow doesn't look much more promising.... Anything will help really. Close my eyes and count to 10... Even stuff like that.](*,) I guess most of this is my fault. I've woven such a tangled web that I don't see a way out.

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You may want to look into meditation, or even doing some short yoga sessions. When I am stressed just doing 10 minutes of down & up dog can really relax my body and mind.


I would also, if you aren't already, ensure you are eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise and sleep. Having an overall healthy lifestyle reduces stress around the clock.


I hope things look up for you soon. Sometimes things like this seem to come in droves, I know a few years ago everything bad seemed to happen at once, but hang in there and keep your chin up...things will get brighter.

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Meditate. Although this doesn't sound too much like 'real meditation' what you can do...


Put on some quiet, soothing music. Lay down on the floor or somewhere comfortable for you and just focus on the movement of your breathing. With each breath, be more and more aware of where tensions are in your body. With the next breath, make an effort to let the tension go (let your body sink into the floor/bed/etc).


Doing this for even 5 minutes will give you a quick emotional break.

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