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Could this mean anything?

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Okay I know I'm probably just clutching at straws here but I just thought I'd see what you guys think.


I've been broken up from my Fiancee now for 2 weeks - officially 1 week (the first week she said we need a temporary break). Anyway, we haven't agreed on strict NC as she's still got to collect her things from the house and we've a lot of financial issues to resolve so I usually just wait for her to contact me and then, if she asks a question, I'll reply.


The last time she contacted me was Tuesday 25th, we sent a few emails back and forth, I corrected her on a few issues, told her I wasn't saying this because I wanted her back, because I don't (I do really but you know!). She replied saying I was correct with some things and that was it.


However, apart from Wednesday, every day this week she's logged onto my website. I set up a special message that only she can see for her ages ago and she doesn't seem to do anything else but login and then logout. So I'm thinking that she's logging in to see if the message is still there. Why would she do this if she doesn't want to be with me anymore? Is there a chance that, after I told her I didn't want her back she's now having second thoughts and thereforeeee checking if her special message is still there? ](*,)


It's just strange that it's about the same time everyday, and what's more strange is the time. It's usually about 9.20 which seems a bit weird to me as, when we were together, she always started work about 7.30 - 8.00 so you'd think the logical time to log onto the site would be when she gets to work before anyone else comes in. Am I reading too much into this?

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Could this mean anything? Yes it can mean many things but it's time for you to let go. What brought you to this point, have you forgotten? She cheated and lied to you, do you want to have to check her phone every day for the rest of your life? Stop leaving messages for her on your web site, that in itself is a message. I know you still love her but look at how she has hurt you and betrayed you, not a quality I would seek for in a future wife.



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I have driven myself insane with this sort of thing and it's pointless and self destructive. I totally understand the need to try and figure out what's going on in that other persons head, but I have learnt the hard way you just can't do it, and the conclusions you draw from their online activity are pure fantasy...let it go, focus on yourself...stuff the special message..sounds like the way she treated you wasn't so special...don't drive yourself nuts like I did..and am learning not to do anymore, they are not worth it believe me.

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