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My ex and i had a conversation on the net last night. It started off fine, we asked how the other person was etc. Then she tells me that she is bringing all my stuff back on Saturday, fine except that her new boyfriend is coming with her. What should i say, how should i act? Back to the convo, after that she eventually asked me 'How do u feel now, without me in ur life', this stunned me. I didnt know what to say. Should i tell her the truth that i am still hurting and wanting her back, or do i tell her that i am fine? I went for the latter, as hard as it was not to tell her my true feelings. Either way i doubt that she believed me. What does everyone think...i should tell her my true feelings, or act strong and see where it leads me?


I want to thank all the people that are leaving their advice. Maybe i should leave her and forget about her, but right now i still want to fight for her, i dont want to and cant let it go yet. Deep in my heart i know that this is the girl of my dreams, the girl that i want to be with for the rest of my life... so im not going to just pack my bags, im not gonna give up until i get her. I love her so much, i think that this relationship could still work, i know that she is happy at the moment, but that may fall through. I dont want her to be unhappy but i want us to be happy together you know. If i keep positive then positive things will happen to me.


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Tell her dont bother to bring him. I mean why should she. To make you jealous? For protection? To help carry stuff? Tell her you will pick it up yourself or if its something you dont care about tell her just to forget about it.


To me just from what she asked after she told you he was coming it sounds like she is playing games.


Tell her you are doing great and thinking about doing X,Y,Z now that she is out of your life and you have FREEDOM.

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Act strong, tell her you are fine, and yea, you don't need her new bf running around your house.


I think you haven't taken a serious look at things. Things are over between you and her. She's moved on and you have a lot of hope. Just because you keep thinking positive, doesn't mean she'll get back with you. Sorry, but that's the way life is. Read this: You guys don't have a relationship anymore. Read that as many times as you need to because this is the honest truth. She has a new bf, get it? Yea, maybe it'll fall through, but you don't know that. You can't hold out hope because you're not going to get anywhere but probably more pain.


Sorry to say, but you need to move on and if you haven't grieved yet, you need to. Move forward because you really don't have any reason not to.

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I realise that it is over and that we have no relationship anymore. Trust me i dont want to feel like this but i do love her. And if i didnt think that she was the one for me then i would let go, but every day doesnt get easier instead it just seems to be getting harder... all the images i get of when we together and how much fun we used to have.


I know i shouldnt live in the past, i should look to the future, better things will come, but still i am going to do what i can to bring her back. Sure if we r meant to be then we will be, and even if wee r not... i cant seem to accept that, i may be stupid i dont know but what i do know is that i am in love with this girl.

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You're just 16, so if you lose her it won't be the end of the world. It may feel like it, but you have your whole life ahead of you. The reason things never get any easier is that you still talk to her and keep her as a large part of your life. If you tried not talking to her for a while (no contact, or NC as it is referred to on here) you may find it progressively easier to live without her. The sad truth of it is that she has moved on, and things don't work like they do in the movies.

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Well, if she is the one, it'll all be figured out later. Quite honestly, she'll find some way back to your or you'll find someway back to her and it will work out. That's the simple truth. Love can only do soo much and it isn't enough for everything to work. In time, it will tell.

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