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Do guys like getting hickeys?

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I hope so.


The other night I gave my boyfriend three, and I didn't even know until we worked together today (he's a cook and I'm a hostess...) Anyway, he was getting so much crap... there was a point when a server was saying she was going to claw her eyes out... I said I'd watch... and then she said, really loudly, "Or maybe I'll just have Charlie's little friend suck them out for me." I choked out my ice and about fell over, it was funny as hell because she had no clue it was me (not a lot of people at work know we're dating) or why we were both laughing so hard...


I got off topic, but the point is... do you mind, guys? I felt awful, and I apologized over and over, but I'll never be able to look his mum in the eye again... he's never given me one, and he seemed to like it while I was doing it but now I feel like I should have controlled myself, I never thought it would leave such marks. Bleh. Opinions, please.

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I think most guys i know seem to like them, a mate came into work last night with one, and yeah, they get stick about them, but at the end of the day i dont think many guys are embarrassed by them, that is until they have to confront their parents...


My gf absolutely hates them, as she puts it 'theres nothing romantic or 'lovy' about love bites, theyre disgusting' so i guess i wont be getting one for a while....

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I always want to give my boyfriend hickeys but he always says no, I think it depends on what type of guy your dating, if he's out going they usually say "sure why not" but when it comes to guys like my boyfriend who are really shy when it comes to stuff like hickeys they might not think hickeys are all that great

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last summer i was doing my military training and well i had the chance to come back one weekend and she gave me a bunch of hickeys on my next... when the officer came to inspect us all he stop at me and said... HOLY f**** solider did you get hit by a golf ball this weekend, i smiled and said yes sir. Anyway after that though i was kinda afraid everytime she was kissing my nec because i didnt want to get another hickey on my next.. i told her if she wanted to give me a hickey so badly that she could do it somewhere that is not visible to the eye.


I think its more something that we do when we are younger and not when we are older ( although its nice to feel young sometimes)

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