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Can we ever get back together?

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Me and my ex girlfriend that went out for a year are talking a lot more now. We hang out a lot more now when we both don't have work we hang out and stuff. I am starting to really like her again. It has been like 6 months or so since we have gone out. She says she doesn't really know if she likes me but acts like she does sometimes and sometimes she acts like we are just friends. I am really starting to like her again and her friend thinks that she feels the same about me. How should I act around her right now, act like friends or let her know that I like her and see where things go from there or just act normal friends would and see what will go from that?

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How did the relationship end, did she dump you? If so then you need to be careful on how much you interpret her friendliness to mean that she's starting to have feelings for you again. The worst thing you could do right now is tell her how much you care for her and want to be with her again. If you can bare it just hang out and have fun but make sure you don't see her too frequently. If things are meant to be then it will just work out but the slower you take it the more real it will become.


You need to make sure you do things with other women, date around don't be stale. Don't be needy for your ex. It will probably be a good idea if she knows you're dating around. I hate to sound like you should play games but you definitely need to be on guard.


I'm trying to cope with how I would act around my ex if we saw each other regularly. I'm at the 6 month mark and still ache for her to be with me. It's a longing I haven't been able to get over.


Good luck!

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hey. it sounds like shes definitely confused herself. obviously this additional time spent together is causing her to re-evaluate her feelings. what were the terms of the breakup? why are easily willing to get back into a relationship? you seem to want her back, and thats normal, but in the game of the ex you have to play it cool, especially if she was the one who dumped you. if shes hot and cold you be too. or try not to make it TOO obvious that you like her. if she seems to be a little more "constant" with her actions, then you can think about being a little more obvious and maybe getting back together. but definitely think about if that is what you want and if it would be the right thing.

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Well we "broke up" or so I thought on our 1 year anniversary. We just agreed to break up or so I thought but I guess she just thought it was a break. Then I hung out with this other girl after we were broken up. Nothing happened between us we are just friends and we work together. She really didn't like that whole idea so we stopped talking for awhile. Now I am starting to be attracted to her again and miss her. She told me she missed me a couple weeks ago and that stuff but I'm not sure what to do like just let things be for a while and let them devlop or what?

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