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Who do I trust? Does it matter?

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My situation is interesting I think. I'm not sure if anyone else could say that they have been here before, but I'm excited to find out if I am wrong about that assumption.


Facts/back story

One year ago, a VP within my organization approached me and said "...I told our GM that I would like to be your mentor. You strike me as a person who we will see great things from." Needless to say, I think very highly of this individual and I was truly honored. In fact, I gushed about how honored I was.


The last 3 months, my organization has gone through tremendous change. This left me with new management who had no idea who I was or what I was capable of since my new projects were much lower profile and loosing money. Rather than feeling sorry for myself, I hatched a plan that was a win for me and a win for the company. I took the high road.


This week, the VP who offered to be my mentor nominated me for an award. It was very prestegious, and it gave me a noteriety boost because it brought into light my accomplishments over the last 4 years.


Today, when sharing with a trusted co-worker that I earned this award and the VP that nominated me, there was shock in the sales person's voice. The sales person asked "why? what did you do for the VP to nominate you, because I have had to defend you to this VP on a couple of occaisions.


My dilemma

I can't let this VP's conflicting beliefs in my skills go. The sales individual really should not have shared, and although I do not believe there is malice on the sales person's part, I am now questioning my support system. Meanwhile, do I really care? I have received the award IN ADDITION to some very recent personal accomplishments I have had with my new management. I will stay on the path I defined for myself, when I believed my new management had no idea what I was capabile of by continuing to focus on my goals and objectives.



Where I could use your help

Still, this strange set of events has my mind churning on "why?". Why would my mentor (the VP) speak negatively about me and "why?" would the sales person share?


Any thoughts, opinions, comments are appreciated. I need some help either wrapping my mind around these questions or help simply shutting these questions off.

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Well everything is going well. Sometimes people are just nervous and they can say something. It's a job - and at your job you can't expect people to love you. I guess you can expect people talking behind your back. Especcialy now when you have success in your hand.Don't be bothered if you are liked enough. The only important thing is wheter they appreciate you or not. Obviously they do.

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Personally I believe the salesperson just made an effort to make you skiddish and question the VP. If he/she really had that many doubts about you and your abilities, that person would never had nominated you or withdrew their nomination.


Sadly, people are always jealous in the workforce, and I really believe that is what is happening for you.

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