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He was cheating on me for 6 months...i feel so used...

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last night when i was hanging out with my exboyfriend, my boyfriend goes to get some food and i'm staying on his computer, this girl im's me about how they had a relationship, had sex, did everything, i didn't believe it, but i asked my boyfriend when he got home...


it would be out 7 month anniversary tomorrow, but he's been cheating on me behind my back for 6 MONTHS, and it all makes sense now because i don't have a myspace, but my boyfriend does and when i saw his, i was like, "who's this girl leaving comments like I LOVE YOU?!" and he was just like, "oh some weird girl, she's stalking me, i'm gonna delete my myspace" there's been some trust issues i've had with him, it felt like we worked them out...


but no, he cheated on me, he told me he loved me, i loved him...i put my heart out there...i've been cheated on before and he knows that...he said he was different, i feel so used and dumb...i just feel like i don't wanna try to fall in love again in another relationship...i don't know what to do now, how to deal with my emotions...

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Dont worry about finding someone else right now, or anything but yourself for that matter... he was just wrong, and obviously not the type of guy you want to spend your life with.


Be thankful that you found out after 7 months of being with him and not several years... and definitely before you ended up pregnant or who knows what else.



It hurts and will hurt for a while. But you will get through this.

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Well first things first. He's a liar and a cheater and you luckily found out now not a year from now. I know you are heartbroken over his cheating, but remember, you lived your life before him and you will live it after him. Now you no longer have to live with the fear, the worry, the nagging suspecion that he is doing something wrong. you dont have to do that anymore because you caught him red handed, and its a done deal.


Now kick him to the curb. Be strong. Realize you are a great girl who some guy is gonna be really lucky to have, and the ex will get exactly what is coming to him for this.


Chin up. It'll be okay. take a few days to wallow in the pain and despair if you must, but then get up and get on with your life. Dont allow him to waste any more of your time by staying down about him and what he was doing. It doesnt matter, you found out now it's time to take care of #1 yourself, that's all that matters now.



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God, I hear so much about myspace. More like


I'm sorry about what happened to you. You will find someone else who will treat you like you DESERVE to be treated. It's ok. It's all just a matter of timing of when the right guy comes. There are a lot of asswipes out there. Just pray to God and tell Him everything. And ask for the hope and strength to move on. He'll be there for you.

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That is low! He is a bastard.


Dont cry over this guy, save the tears for something more meaningful, he is definitely why most women think men are scum bags. This is a good lesson to learn for the future. Use your head first before your heart. And on the plus side, you learnt about this after 7 months, thank god it wasnt 7 years after!

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It's a good thing you found the true colors of him so quickly and easily. Now that you know he cheated, don't ever take him back again, if you do, you'll end up with a bastard who'll always consider you only his second-last best and no body wants that. Good grieve, I keep hearing a lot about link removed doing on, come to think of it, I have no idea what's wrong with myspace that the system's been so f***** up for a long while.

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Hey honey,


What a complete jerk! I know it hurts, but sweetie, this just shows he was never the person you thought he was in the first place...it sucks to find out someone has been cheating, but as others have said, the fact you found out relatively early is better than later, AND, the fact that he cheated through almost the entire relationship is good incentive in my opinion to kick him to curb and never, ever look back.


Don't worry too much about other relationships right now. In time, you will feel more positive and find that not everyone cheats, and hopefully too you will be more aware of red flags or what kind of men you currently go for (whom cheat) and avoid them entirely.

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There are various definitions of "love." One of the most important ones is not about how you feel, but about how you act, how you treat someone. If you want for them what is best for them, if you will expend some hope and effort to create what is best for them, then you are loving them. When you do this especially with their long term happiness in mind, you a loving them.


When they act like they have your best interests in mind, but don't, they are frauds, deceivers. Be both glad you exposed it now, not some time later, and a little mad it took you this long. That may not make sense but you should be happy you are no longer being decieved and know more about what to look for to prevent it from happening again.


For now, you will greive and be angry, and that's fine and good. When you are done with greiving, try to learn from it.


And don't try and fall in love, ever. Love people, as many as you can in the way I desribed, by hoping for and helping to create what is best for them. Then look and see what people treat others, and you that way. Surround yourself with such people. And then you won't try to fall in love, you just will.

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