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Condom problems.

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My boyfriend and I got into the moment, he pulled out a condom, asked if I wanted to do it. I said alright. He gets the condom out, puts it on the top of the penis, and tries to roll it down. It rolls down a bit, but won't go all the way down. He thought he may have had it on backwords, so he gets out another one, and tries the same thing. He eventually struggles, and gets it a bit farther down, but not all the way, but he says it hurts his penis really bad. Now, my question is, is it supposed to be tight to the fact that it hurts? Or does he need to get a bigger size one? I think he just got the standard Trojan ones. Is there any special tricks to help it get on easier? Any Advice will be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hmm.. did he read the directions carefully on the box?


Sometimes it's better to unroll it just a teensy bit before putting it on. If that just doesn't work, then maybe try a bigger size.


Have you ever done this before? Like, has he ever been able to get one on right?

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He is probably just thick.


If so, he may need a magnum or magnum XL. I don't like trojan in general but in the interest of finding a fit.....they are the most readily available in thick sizes. The condom may have more length than he needs but that is alright.


I am average in girth. The first condom I tried to put on was a medium. Tight as hell and didn't seem to go on at all. Luckily I tried this in advance of having sex.

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Sounds like it could have been the wrong way to me. Also it takes a lot of practice! I had never put a condom on someone before, but the other month my boyfriend asked me to, kind of to make it part of our love making, and i couldnt do it and we were both laughing because i just couldnt roll it down!


Practice makes perfect.


I have never heard of different sized ones, just general durex lubricated ones.

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The regular Trojan brands do hurt me a little when I put them on. However, it is fleeting. I have tried the Magnum brand and they fit pretty well. You better hope that the condom is on tight. You don't want that thing slipping off and getting lodged deep inside you.

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