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i want a relationship with her

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so me and this girl used to be close about half a year ago. we never go into a relationship although i wanted one i think she was scared for one at the time. we went out a few times but that was it. there was a long period of time we stoped talking but i still thought about her. she started talking to me online and she said she wanted me to cal her sometime so we started talking again but i havent seen her. i asked her to go with me to my friends party this weekend so i will see her there. im not sure where to go from here. the thing is im not sure if she just wants to be friends with me or if shes still interested in me. i want to be more then friends so i have to find a way to get the point accross to her. how should i do this. and if it seems shes interested in me should i talk to her about a relationship or give it some time

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nobody knows how a situation like this will turn out. you need to be prepared for anything. if she is interested in a relationship, she will let you know.


my question to you is this: what if she does want you to be her friend and not her lover? are you down with that, or will you turn your back on her and shut her out of your life?

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Don't stress. Don't think about it. Just.... let it beeeeeeee.. let things naturally progress. Don't push... don't shove... don't ask....just let it unfold.


Ever watch a flower unfold??? Not to many people have that patience... but trust me. Leave it alone... take a deep breath.. and let nature take its course.


And Have a great flippin time at that party too!!!!!!!!

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