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what is wrong with her

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Hi all


My GF and i were together for about 2 year.

She broke up with me cause i watch some pornsites.

After 4 month when we split the house and so on.

I mailed her a few time about why she wanted to break up.

after alot of mailing i came to the conclusion that she wanted to be alone.

But i become confused to that, especially when she talked about to marrie me 3 month before the breakup.

Is it like true that, that some people like to be alone.

She wants to be alone because she doesnt know wether she wants to be with someone or not.

Great thx all of you

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Personally, I'd be really mad too if I found out my boyfriend watches porn. But then again, I would tell him how I feel about it first and see if he changes his actions, before considering breaking up with him. I've been with him 6 months. I would think after 2 years, it'd be harder for me to end the relationship. Maybe she just took it pretty hard. How did YOU react when she found out you were watching porn? Maybe it was also the way you handled it... I don't know.

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Hmmm I think it all depends on how often you do it. If you're like obsessed with it and totally ignores your gf then I'd be pissed off too. But if my bf does it once in a while then I don't think it's a big deal, I mean, boys will be boys. There may be more reasons to the breakup then this. Maybe you need to really sit down with her and have a good talk with her.

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