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alot of questions..with no answers

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i know its not along time but my ex partner left me 3 and and half months ago,just a quick re-cap.we were together 11yrs known each other a verylong time,he left me for his first love over 24yrs ago.now they live together

anywayone of my question is this..when do u let go ..some days i hope he will come back to me..but then i think would i take him back..my part of me yes,and part of me no

i cant stop thinking of him.morning to night..what the hell is wrong with me..we talk on txt well i do.mainly he ignores me..why cant i take the hint

wheres my pride.dignity,self respect...i have absolutely no idea..i cry about once a week maybe two.and then i feel awful and want him

i dont like being alone.we were good friends b4we got together,,i miss that the friendship..he made me laugh

all my friends are in couples and there partners,hubbies dont want me around..

some days i still cant believe this as happened..he left me for her??is the man insane..lol...

i know he is happy with her,but i just cant seem to move forward,,im not looking for anyone else..but i dont want to be alone..i want him...i know people will say the best thing is nc,,i know this but i find it so hard to do.i get up each morning and think perhaps this will be the day.he will miss me..but it never happens

how could he just move on from me so quickly

not give me athought

how does someone move from loving you to loving someone else in the space of five months..

he says he was seeing her for 2 months before he left me

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Hi there-

I think a lot of us in here can relate, to some extent, your pain. I've been there, I was in a relationship for 8 years and that was a long time....so I can't even begin to imagine 11 years. Unless we are made of rock we all go through this stage, we are in denial, we want to believe that the relationship was 'it'...it was the end all and you and him were going to be together forever. If he left you...then its safe to assume there were problems in the relationship that caused him to leave the relationship.......why not concentrate on the things that bothered you about him (there must have been some things), or circumstances during the relationship that made you really PISSED. I know I've had many of these times. Then keep yourself really busy so you won't even have time to think of him (i.e. focusing on work, going out, finding new activities). Then one day, it will be a past memory....that might still hurt, but it will be something you can accept....I hope that helps.....BIG HUGS!!!!


And although its so foggy now and life seems hopeless....u WILL get through it. You have to find the strength in yourself and also learn to be happy by yourself.

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